MidKoast Entertainment

Not the East, or the West... just the best!

*Artwork provided by Noelle Larson.

Goal Amount: $543.52

Amount Raised (as of 7/24/17): $882

162% of goal amount for the event is currently funded!

*All proceeds raised from donations will go directly towards costs associated with Cliffstock Arts Festival. Any funds raised above our goal amount will be used for expanding Cliffstock Arts Festival for the year of 2018.

We are now accepting applications from all VENDORS, & VOLUNTEERS for Cliffstock 2017!

July 28 - 29 -30, 2017



12:00pm Open Mic/ Jam

3:15 Mitch Pesoz

3:25 Jaheem Clark

3:40 Hanks

3:55 Rising Suns

4:15 JMax

4:35 Myles

4:55 Magic

5:20 YT

5:50 (Changeover)

6:00 The Sniff

6:15 (Changeover)

6:25 Electric Pariah

6:55 (Changeover)

7:05 American Bandit

7:50 (Changeover)

8:00 Soma

9:00 Quiet Time / End Music

(All 18+ after this time)


12:00pm Open Mic/ Jam

 3:00 Tyler Dean

3:10 Donte Tidmore

3:25 Marques Carson

3:45 Spill Tippin

4:00 (Changeover)

4:10 Buscemi Dilema

4:40 (Changeover)

4:50 The Kessel Run

5:35 (Changeover)

5:45 MidKoast Ent.'s Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Spaghetti Dinner from Grandma

7:10 (Changeover)

7:20 FRJY

7:50 (Changeover)

8:00 Camb & The 4K Band

9:00 Quiet Time / End Music

(All 18+ after this time)


12:00pm Open Mic/ Jam 

3:15 SammyJoe

3:45 (Changeover)

3:55 Jutengai

4:20 (Changeover)

4:30 Scott Kaddatz

5:00 Quiet Time / End Music

5:05 Cleanup Time

7:00 End Of Cliffstock 2017

 *All scheduled open mic/ jams are open to any and all musicians/performers (first come first serve). During this time we open up our stage to allow anyone and everyone to creatively self-express, freestyle, and improvise in a live environment, interacting with one another accordingly. This is always one of the most interesting times of the whole festival!*

Artists & Vendors:

Vishuddha Designs

Wire wrapped jewelry made by Anthony Aliota and Megan Bauer!

Noelle Larson

Paintings (portraits), sketch-work, as well as an expanding collection of handmade jewelry.

Lady Ares

Paintings, prints, and jewelry celebrating femininity and self-empowerment.

Kindred Spirits Wraps and Gems

Wire wrapped pendants and rings, as well as crystals and gemstones, new age gifts, and other artwork from local artists.

Miranda Kube

Handmade sterling silver jewelry, vintage jewelry and watercolor illustrations.

#BeingSupportive Live

Hosting live interviews with the local performers, vendors, artists, and much more!


DanceSafe is a 501(c)(3) public health organization promoting health and safety within the nightlife and electronic music community.

Nature's Nuturing Hand

A family run shop selling vegan organic bodycare and crystal jewelry, with everything from soaps, lotions, deodorant, perfumes, lip balms, salves, teas, incense, and more.


Handmade Jewelry, Fabricated pendants and wire wraps.

Katie Boland / George Jones

Hand Dyed Fabrics and clothing, hand crafted jewelry, collage work, salves and other herbal medicinals.

Parkway Floral

Handmade pressed flower buttons, living necklaces, floral crowns, dried flower art, miniature succulents and air planters.

Indigo Revolve

Multi-media artists. Wire, wood, sound & wellness!! Indigo Revolve was created to assist in the revolution of self. Based on the Lokota teachings of the four houses. Mind, Body, Heart & Soul. We gathered the tools we collected to keep our four houses balanced and share with all that are drawn to our path!

Cliffstock is and has always been a FREE ADMISSION art, music, & camping festival run 100% by its participants. All expenses are provided through donations from participants prior to the event. This means that the overall success of such an event rests largely on what you contribute.This community event grows bigger and bigger every year and can only continue as such if you participate and play your part. So crawl out from under that rock and get yourself over here to join the fun and be a part of an entire community of like-minded, artistic creators!

Every year since 2009, the good people of Cliffstock have set up camp right on the edge of a beautiful cliff in South Milwaukee that overlooks good ol' lake Michigan. There is artwork and jewelry for sale and on display, all made by local artists (that's you!), not to mention our stage where we will have live music playing all weekend long!

THE WHOLE IDEA is to promote local up and coming artists by curating an environment in which everyone is encouraged to demonstrate their work to those who would appreciate it most.

ALL VENDORS are required to make a donation of their product or service (a piece of artwork, jewelry, etc.) in order to reserve one of the limited number of dedicated vending spaces available. Each item will be offered as a reward to supporters in return for contributing to our donation fund and will be available for collection before or at the time of the event.

ALL PERFORMANCES will be recorded and provided in return for a suggested $20 donation towards next year's festival.

As far as FOOD is concerned....Please bring enough for at least yourself. There will be a charcoal grill as well as a fire pit available for cooking. Please note that there will be no refrigeration space available, so it is a good idea to bring a cooler and some ice.

**There will be porta-potties provided for your convenience.**(funded completely through donations)

If you plan on attending and even if not, please CONTRIBUTE to our donation fund in order to help ensure proper funds are raised in time for the event. If we do not reach goal, we will not be able to provide everything needed (porta-potties, fencing, etc.). Again, this event is run at cost by the people, for the people. Cash donations can also be made and will be officially accepted by Matt Minue or Collin Bischoff. Suggested donation for daily attendees is $15.00 or more. Suggested donation for campers is $30.00 or more. 

Remember ~> THE OUTCOME RESTS UPON US! This weekend can be as awesome or as disappointing as we choose to make it, so please contribute in any way you can think of because literally ANY CONTRIBUTION WILL HELP IN SOME WAY.

AGE POLICY: Every attendee must present photo I.D upon entry to Cliffstock. Everyone 18+ will receive a colored wristband which is also an invitation to camp overnight. Those who are 21+ will receive a different colored wristband designating that they are of legal drinking age. AFTER 9PM, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A WRISTBAND YOU MUST LEAVE AND ARE WELCOME BACK AT 12PM the next day of the festival. 

*~*DISCLAIMER*~* Please keep in mind that laws will still very much apply to you while at Cliffstock, just like when not at Cliffstock. SO DON'T BE STUPID!!! There will be absolutely no tolerance for underage drinking or illegal drug use of any kind. Be smart, RESPECT THY NEIGHBOR, be responsible and it is guaranteed to be a great time!

MidKoast Entertainment has an excellent record of successfully producing Cliffstock Art, Music, and Camping Festival over many years. The festival is a complex event but we have the right team in place to ensure that every aspect runs smoothly.

Of course, things can go wrong; very occasionally artists are unable to fulfill their performance at the festival due to circumstances beyond anybody's control. In this rare instance we would make alternative arrangements for a replacement performance and/or a rescheduled show.

*If admission capacity is reached at any time we will stop admittance until further notice.

**Cliffstock event grounds are on private property and we, the property owner's, therefore reserve any and all rights to refuse admittance to and/or to eject any individual we find necessary.

*Artwork Provided by Katica Marie

*Artwork Provided by Betsy Christensen