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Who We Are

Collin Bischoff ("Chippy")

Collin, also known as "Chippy", is an Audio Engineer, DJ, and the Director of Operations at MidKoast Entertainment. Having spent years as a guitarist, percussionist, keyboardist, song-writer, arranger, recording and live audio engineer, lighting specialist, DJ, and producer, Chippy has studied Music Occupations at The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee as well as Audio Production and Business Management at Milwaukee Area Technical College. He has also worked as the equipment manager and as one of the top DJ's at the largest DJing company in the midwest. Since 2009 he has been the main organizer of the Cliffstock Art, Music, and Camping Festival and as of 2014 he has recently teamed up with Matt Minue to create MidKoast Entertainment and continue to grow the spirit of Cliffstock year round along the way. He carries with him over 10 years of audio & lighting experience.

Matty Minue

Matty is an audio engineer, multi-instrumental musician, songwriter, arranger, producer, and director of audio and lighting at Midkoast Entertainment. While teaching recording and live audio reinforcement at Milwaukee Area Technical College, Matty teamed up with Collin Bischoff to form Midkoast Entertainment, and help spread the spirit of Cliffstock. With 10 years of audio, lighting, and recording experience, and over 15 years of multi-instrumental performance experience, he has the ability to work with a multitude of artists and performers, and troubleshoot any problems that may arise during a performance or recording session.