MidKoast Event Production Services

Quality: Loud and Clear

Lighting Production

Lighting placement and style can set the mood for any event or production. With a vast lighting selection, custom projection mapping, up-lighting, and a creative lighting designer at our disposal, we help you create the unimaginable!

MidKoast set up a light show for my band Audacity last night, and frankly, we couldn't have been happier. MidKoast worked quickly and professionally, and provided an amazing experience for both us and the crowd. We will definitely be doing business with them again.

Ryan Roberts

"American Bandit"

Very professional team that provides great live sound/visuals as well as studio recording! These guys are some of the most friendly, approachable people who will use their music expertise to make you and your fellow musicians sound beyond professional!

Corey Wolf

"Cancer Creations"